Saturday, November 26, 2011

Suicidal Love::Hidan::Ch.86 Strawberries

Thanerah moaned softly as Hidan was feeling her sides and slowly slide his hands down to her thigh to give them a good squeeze. She moaned once more in their kiss then suddenly yelped when Hidan suddenly changed positions so he was on top of her. He smirked deviously at her with lust and love in his eyes. He sat up so he could undo his belt as she was watching him. She covered her chest with her arms but they were quickly pushed back by Hidan.

“Don’t cover yourself.”

Thanerah blushed deeply but she didn’t want to disappoint him so she dropped her arms to the side to let her bare chest be exposed to him. He grinned widely at her as he straightened his belt like a whip. Thanerah arched her brows at him as she figured out what he was going to do. “Hidan…?” He quickly grabbed both of her hands and used the belt to tie her hands to the head of the bed. She moaned softly when he tied the belt really tightly and he continued to grin wickedly at her.

“What? You don’t think it’s f**king sexy?”

She smiled widely at him with desire in her eyes “Now that I think about it, it is quite…alluring.”

“You f**king betcha.”

Before Thanerah could say a word, he crashed his lips onto hers. When he pulled away from the kiss he asked her “Know how to make this even more special?” Thanerah could see the playfulness and mischievous in his eyes.

She tilted her head to the side while fluttering her eyes at him in a seductive way “What would make it more special…?”

He continued to grin widely at her as he grabbed the phone on the night stand, he dialed number one as it speed-dialed to the service of the hotel. When they finally answered Hidan said to them, “Yeah I would like some f**king can of whip-cream; a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of melted chocolate,” he scanned Thanerah’s half naked body up and down which made her blush even more. “Actually, make that f**king two bowls of melted chocolate.” He quickly hung up the phone.

Thanerah blushed furiously while looking up at Hidan. If her hands weren’t bond she would have strangled him. “Hidan, don’t tell me that you’re going to cover me ENTIRELY with those melted chocolate and whip cream.”

He grinned wickedly “Oh f**king yes, that was my first f**king fantasy after we had our first.” He nuzzled his nose against hers “Licking you off from head to toe and I’ll make it so painfully slow that you’ll be begging for me.”

“…Ca-Can you hold that long?”

“I don’t f**king know but I know that it will be f**king painful for me not to make love to you right now…” he trailed his finger lightly on her right breast to her nipple and started to rub it softly with his single finger. Thanerah bit her lip as she felt like she was going to be insane. She whimpered as he continued to tease her and whimpered some more when he started to tweak her nipple that was getting hard with his index finger and thumb. She could feel her stomach bubbling, getting hotter and hotter with every passing second as he continued to tease her with this simple act.

She gasped softly as she felt his hot breath against her hard nipple as he was teasing her to the max. She arched her breath to try to reach it to his mouth but he quickly pushed her down on the bed. He continued to exhale some hot breath against her hard nipples just to make her go insane and it was working perfectly as she started to pant heavily with her eyes closed. She’s not very sure how long she’ll last.

Someone knocked the door. The couple immediately stopped to glance at the door and they would see a shadow figure coming from the bottom of the door from the light outside. “Sir?” they heard a muffled voice behind the door.

Hidan immediately got out of bed and quickly place the covers over Thanerah’s half naked body. He walked across the room to get to the door. Before he opened it, he switched the lights off so it was dark but when he opened the door ajar light was shown in. “Yeah?”

“Here’s your order.”

Hidan quickly took the order from him without the need to open the door wider. Hidan slammed the door shut and the room was immediately into darkness. Thanerah’s panting calmed down but she could hear some footsteps coming towards her. “Hi-Hidan…?” she asked the darkness. Suddenly she heard a thump and a groan while cursing under his breath. “Hidan?” she asked him once again, suddenly worried.

“I hit the f**king couch…” he answered with a growl. Thanerah felt some pressure on the bed and soon the night lamp was turned on. He placed the order on the night stand and clapped his hands before rubbing them as if he was preparing for something. “Now, where should we f**king start?” he asked her politely, too politely.

Thanerah sent him a soft glare “Just shut up and make love to me already.”

“Oh, my wife is getting hasty to have me, I f**king love it!”

She exclaimed “Hidan!”

Hidan grabbed the bowl of melted chocolate and dipped a finger inside. He tasted it then eyed her with playfulness and lust. “Hmm…I can’t f**king wait to slather this on your body…”

She smirked softly as she rested her head on the soft pillows. “Will I do the same to you?”

Hidan arched a brow at her in amusement as he sucked his chocolate finger clean. “Ooh, you got a f**king dirty mind. I knew there was something I love about you.” Thanerah’s heart skipped a beat when she heard him saying that and that just increased her desire for him.

Suddenly Hidan turned the bowl of melted chocolate upside down and it all landed on her chest. She yelped loudly in surprise and shock as the whole chocolate was piling on her exposed chest, “Hidan!!”

“Ah, don’t f**king complain. You’ll love it in a few f**king seconds.”

He put the empty bowl on the night stand and slathered the chocolate more on her untouched skin. Thanerah quivered under his touch as he was slathering the chocolate like a toast being smeared by chocolate. Yummy. He avoided the hard nipples, she was curious why but she was busy panting and moaning softly. Suddenly she heard from him “I’m saving this for last…” she had no idea what he was talking about but she moaned sharply when she felt some hot chocolate being smeared over her hard nipples.

After that pleasurable torture was done, Thanerah was panting while her eyes were closed by being engulfed by the blissful feeling. Thanerah heard something being shook so She weakly opened her eyes at him to see him shaking the can of whip-cream in his hand while smirking widely at her and then her lips trembled as she begged him, “Hi-Hidan…please…I-I give in…please take me…now!”

He immediately stopped shaking the can and Thanerah saw that he nearly dropped it while staring at her in shock. He eyed her up and down then quickly covered her hard nipples with the whip cream. Before Thanerah could say another moan, she gasped Hidan’s name “H-Hidan!”

He was quickly licking the chocolate off her skin but he was saving the whip cream areas for last. Finally he licked over the hard covered nipple with his hot tongue and she arched her back as she moaned. She was gripping tightly on the belt that was tying her hands up and she could already feel light sweats running down from her brow as her mind was being fuzzy with passion.

She moaned louder when he started to suck her nipple clean, making her to go utterly insane. She was trying to rip the belt off but he tied it really well to keep her at bay. She said to him through moans with ‘ah’ and ‘oh’, “Hi…dan…please…untie…this!!”

Hidan pulled his mouth from her cleaned yet wet nipple and shook his head. “No f**king way, I’m not done with you yet.” He immediately went to her unoccupied nipple and she arched her back once more as she felt like exploding from her lower stomach. Suddenly she exploded as she screamed in ecstasy while arching her breath as he continued to suck in her other nipple clean.

Her screamed of ecstasy ceased as her system started to calm down then she relaxed on the bed while panting heavily while Hidan was resting his chin on her chest softly while grinning like a maniac to her. “You came…you’re so f**king sensitive.”

After she controlled her breathing she looked down at Hidan, “N-Now that you had yo-your fun,” she tugged the belt chain “now get this damn thing off.”

He glanced at the can of whip-cream on the night stand before glancing down. Thanerah followed his gaze to see that he was looking down at her underwear. She immediately knew what he was thinking while looking between the can of whip cream and Hidan who was getting a playful grin on his face.

“No, no and NO!”

Hidan nodded eagerly and quickly grabbed the whip cream can, “Oh yes, yes and definitely f**king YES!” He shook the can violently and quickly pulled her underwear off, even though she brought her legs together to prevent it, he still took it off. After the soaking black underwear was thrown to the floor, Hidan pushed her legs apart widely to expose her wet warm womanhood.

He took a glimpse of her soaking woman hood and slightly teased her by rubbing a thumb over her clitoris and she gasped sharply. “Hi-Hidan…please!!”

Hidan shook his head then quickly covered her vagina with the whip cream. He threw the can to the floor carelessly and bended over to her womanhood while holding her legs apart firmly. She was breathing heavily with her eyes shut and quite tense of what’s coming next.

She gasped sharply as she arched her back, “Hidan~!” He quickly licked the whip cream off before plunging his tongue deep inside her womanhood as deep as possible. She panted as sweat was now starting to form on her body with her eyes closed and her panting getting hitcher with her second climax coming. Then she came with a loud scream of ecstasy as she exploded in his mouth. Afterwards, Thanerah was panting heavily as she felt like she was going to pass out at any minute now while Hidan was resting his head on her stomach while panting softly.

Hidan groaned as he sat up “F**k the role play…” he grumbled as he quickly undone his pants.

“Fi-First, untie this belt!” shouted Thanerah.

Hidan quickly untied the belt and she flung her arms around his neck. She crashed her lips against his into a passionate kiss as he wrapped his arms around her while sitting up so she was sitting on his lap. He shifted his position to make himself comfortable so he was crossing his legs while she was sitting on his lap still. Thanerah used her hand to drop from his neck towards his half undone pants. She quickly finished it for him and pulled his out hard manhood with pre-cum already coming out from the crown.

Hidan grabbed her waist quickly and brought her down quickly in his manhood. She jerked away from the kiss to moan loudly as she felt him filling her up entirely. They stayed like that for a while before Hidan started to guide her up and down on his member while holding her waist.

“F-F**k! Th-Tha…!” groaned Hidan as he buried his face in the nook of her neck as she buried in his while trying her best to hump him. She could already feel her third climax coming. Hidan moved his hands from her waist to her buttocks and suddenly pushed her down on the bed. She yelped in surprise when that happened and he was holding her butt quite highly than what was necessary from the bed.

Thanerah quickly gasped and moaned when he started to thrust inside of her fast, hard and sharp. With each second past, he gets faster and harder. Thanerah leaned forward and kissed him. It was quite hard to concentrate while he was making love to her. She kept gasping and moaning against his lips as he was going the same thing but neither of them pulled away from the touching of their lips.

“Hi-Hidan…! I-I can’t ho-hold it anymore! I-I’m co-coming!” she moaned through gasping.

Hidan shut his eyes tightly as he was panting heavily while hissing through his teeth “F-F**k, me too!” He slammed into her deeply as he released his hot cum inside her womb as she reached her climax as well.



They both trembled uncontrollable then Hidan collapsed on her on the bed. Thanerah panted heavily with Hidan as she was playing with his silver damp hair with her fingers. She mumbled to him as her eyes started to feel heavy, “I love you…I love you…I love you…”

Hidan trembled as he lifted his head up to look at her with tired eyes, he smiled weakly at her “I-I love you too…” They both moaned when Hidan pulled out of her and rolled to his side of the bed. “A-And I did not f**king expect to make love to you for only 3 f**king minutes. Usually I would last f**king longer…”

Thanerah smiled then a small frown appeared on her face and she quickly punched Hidan’s arm. “F**k!” he yelped in surprise and pain. He sent his wife an annoying glance while rubbing his sore arm where she hit him, “What the f**k was that for?!”

“THAT was for tying me so long on the bed for too damn long! Never, and I mean NEVER, do that again!” Hidan gave her an arched brow like ‘Tell me the truth’. She sighed heavily in defeat and confessed “All right, can we do it without the lights on? And tying me for a long time?”

Hidan smirked widely at her as he wrapped an arm around her fatigue body which brought her closer to him. “Babe, as much as I love you,” he gave her a mischievous look “I can do whatever I f**king want to do with you and,” he tapped her nose unexpectedly “there is nothing you can f**king do about it, sweetheart.”

She let out a small laugh and rested her head on his sweaty chest. She traced his define muscles with her finger as her eyes followed then she glanced at the nightstand to see the untouched bowl of chocolate and fresh strawberries. Hidan glanced down at Thanerah and saw her gazing so he followed it.

“F**k, I nearly forgot about those…”

Thanerah grabbed the bowl of strawberries and chocolate and placed them on Hidan’s chest. He chuckled deeply as she started to eat the fresh strawberries with the melted chocolate, and of course she feed some to Hidan. After that was gone, Hidan placed the empty bowls back on the nightstand and turned off the night lamp so everything was dark. Even though it was, she felt being brought closer to Hidan by strong arms and some movements on the bed.

“Goodnight Hidan…”

“Sweet dreams Tha…”